Is it your time to quit smoking?


Quitting smoking is the best thing that you could ever do for your body, your family, and your future. We’re here to help you make sure that your choice is successful.

You’re far more likely to kick the habit for good if you use our free services than if you just go it alone.

How we can help

  • Our trained and experienced advisors will help you decide when’s the best time to stop and how to succeed.
  • Regular catch-up sessions in the first few weeks after stopping that will encourage you to stay on the right path.
  • A choice of medications to suit your level of smoking and preference, free or on prescription.
  • Breath tests to show you the progress you’re making and the positive effects that your decision to quit smoking is having on your body.

Call us free on 0800 0820 388 or email us at and we can arrange for you to see an advisor close to where you live.

Who are the stop smoking specialists?

We have a fantastic team of dedicated and trained stop smoking specialist advisors running sessions across Lewisham.

All of our specialists have plenty of experience supporting smokers in both 1:1 and group settings. They are trained up to the highest NCSCT standards and have a wide range of skills they can use to help you stop smoking for good.

If you’re more comfortable speaking in another language, we will help you find an advisor who can speak the right language for you or arrange for an interpreter.

One to one Support

You can see a stop smoking advisor one-to-one at a time that suits you and your schedule. There are advisors in many GP practices, the hospital, and at community venues. To fit around you and your life we run weekly evening or daytime clinics and you can arrange regular sessions for the first few weeks of stopping smoking.

At the first session your advisor will talk about your smoking habits and history and you will work together to create a personalised programme to help you to successfully quit smoking.

Stop smoking group program

Stopping at the same time as other people can really help you on your smoke free journey and many people who have joined one of our groups recommend it to friends and colleagues.

We tend to run group sessions around October (for Stoptober) and January (to help keep those new year’s resolutions). Here are just some of the ways our groups can help:

  • Tips and ideas on how to succeed
  • Support and camaraderie from other people stopping at the same time
  • A choice of medications
  • Breath tests to check your progress and show you how much your body is improving without tobacco
  • Some fun and welcome distractions to keep you going

During your sessions we will give you information and discuss how to choose the treatment that would suit you best and help you while you stop smoking. This includes patches, gum, nasal spray, lozenges, inhalators or Champix.

If you vape you can bring along your e-cig and we’ll incorporate that into your quit programme.

We also help you set a quit date, which is the day you stop smoking for good (it’s not as scary as it sounds!) and in the group people discuss their progress, giving each other ideas on managing their cravings and alternatives to smoking. Our experienced advisors are always on hand to give you information and encouragement.