Your body begins to benefit from your choice to quit smoking just 20 minutes after you stub out your final cigarette!


Within 12 hours your blood pressure and pulse rate will have returned to normal, your hands and feet will be the right temperature and the amount of oxygen in your blood will be at normal levels.

As your body begins to fix the damage caused by smoking, you will experience many other benefits.


Breathe more easily

Within 9 months your lung capacity will have increased by up to 10%. You might notice that you are less out of breath when you run for a bus or train or that it’s easier to climb a flight of stairs or walk up a steep hill.

You may also notice that you are suffering from fewer colds and chest infections.

More energy

You’ll begin to notice that exercise feels less strenuous. This is because there is more oxygen flowing into your bloodstream and your blood circulation is improving.

Another bonus is that you may begin to experience fewer headaches and you will feel less sluggish and tired. This means that you will be more likely to begin enjoying new activities.

Less stress

You’ve probably used stress as an excuse to smoke, but nicotine withdrawal can give you feelings of anxiety. As a result, smoking can actually cause you to feel more stressed than you should.

Scientific studies have shown that people’s stress levels are significantly lower once they have given up smoking.

Better sex

Improved blood flow can increase sensitivity, which can therefore improve your ability to have an erection or an improved orgasm.

Additionally, recent studies have shown that non-smokers are 3 times more appealing than smokers.

Improved fertility

Giving up smoking can increase your chances of getting pregnant. As your body repairs itself the lining of the womb improves and the quality of sperm increases.

Removing cigarettes from your life can also increase the chances of conceiving through IVF and will improve your chance of having a healthy baby.

Improved smell and taste

The toxic chemicals in cigarettes can dull your taste and smell receptors, so when you quit you will discover that your senses of taste and smell will get a boost.

Whiter teeth, nicer breath and younger looking skin

Do we need to say anymore? Giving up smoking will improve your smile through whiter teeth and a reduced likelihood of gum disease. To make this benefit even better, you will also slow the development of aging and improve your skin.

It’s definitely a bonus to grin about.

Live longer

By quitting tobacco, you will reduce the chances of dying early of heart disease, lung cancer or chronic bronchitis.

In fact, if you give up smoking at the age of 30 you will add 10 years to your life and quitting at 60 will add 3 years. And those extra years are more likely to be healthy, happy and disease free if you don’t smoke.

Protect your loved ones

If you stop smoking you will be protecting your non-smoking family and friends from the effects of passive smoking.

Children living with smokers are 3 times more likely to contract lung cancer in later life.

By removing tobacco from your life you are ensuring that your loved ones have a healthier and happier future.