It might be that you’ve already started smoking or that people around you are encouraging you to smoke. Whatever your situation it’s always good to know the facts about tobacco so that you can make an informed choice.


Firstly, smoking can cost a lot of money. An average smoker spends about £27.00 a week on cigarettes, money that could be spent on lots of other, more fun things. If you think about it over a lifetime, that could add up to about £90,000!

If you choose to carry on smoking cigarettes your skin will age more when you are older. It’s probably something that you might not think is important now, but trust us, no one likes to find their first wrinkle. Smoking can also affect your relationships and can mean that men might not be able to get an erection or have sex properly.

Using tobacco doesn’t just affect your pocket, most people who try smoking as a teenager find themselves addicted to tobacco. This can cause some serious consequences for your body and your health. Smoking is a direct cause of a number of different cancers and can cause heart disease, which means you may be more likely to suffer a heart attack when you are older.

If you already smoke and would like some advice and help to quit, come and see one of our advisors. We’ll talk to you and work out the best options to help you give up smoking. Our service is completely confidential, so what you tell your advisor about your smoking habits will stay between you and them, and you will get the support that you need to make an important choice about your body.