Lewisham stop smoking service is here to provide high quality stop smoking support for tobacco users wishing to become smokefree.
Our team of specialist advisors use a range of the most up to date and advanced techniques to help you quit smoking, and the new digital service makes it easier to quit while you are on the move.
We provide advice and guidance to help you develop a treatment programme which is tailored to your needs, and we can arrange stop smoking medications for you to assist you to stop for good.
Call us on 07522 679249 or e-mail quit@smokefreelewisham.co.uk  to arrange a session with one of our team and we can get you started quitting today.

Matt Seal

Specialist Advisor and Team Lead

We have an amazing stop smoking team in Lewisham. If you are ready to quit we can help you to do it!

Maria Iglesias

Stop Smoking Specialist

I have been working in Smoking Cessation for the past 5 years and have extensive knowledge on behavioural change interventions and psychological therapies.

Shola Kasim

Stop Smoking Specialist

I started working in smoking cessation about 10 years ago and I have specialised in supporting pregnant women to quit.

Ferhat Cinar

Stop Smoking Specialist

I work at Lewisham Hospital and I'm looking forward to getting to support lots of smokers to quit this year!

Cheryl Newey

Team Administrator

I am here to answer your calls and get you in touch with our advisors.

Ronnie Troughton

Stop Smoking Specialist

I have worked in smoking cessation for the last 15 years. I have extensive experience in helping people who want to quit smoking and have also been involved in research and training in the field.

Alison Hooper

Stop Smoking Specialist

I have worked in the stop smoking service for the past 10 years