The first thing to do when you feel a craving coming on is to remember the 5Ds


Delay acting on the urge to smoke. The urge passes in a few minutes. Don’t give in!

Deep breathing

Take deep breaths. Breathe in slowly and deeply, and then gradually breathe out.


Think positively. It can strengthen your willpower and increase your confidence. Create a mantra and repeat it to yourself, for example ‘I choose to be a non-smoker’ or ‘I respect my health and the health of others around me’.

Drink Water

Sip cold water slowly and hold it in your mouth a little.

Do Something Else

Take your mind off smoking. Focus on the task you’re doing, get up and move around, or look at your list of reasons to stop. Anything that shifts your attention away from smoking for a few minutes can be enough for the cravings to disappear.