Children will come into contact with most second-hand smoke within the home. Almost 85 percent of smoke is invisible, so even if you smoke with the windows open or out of the window, people in the same home as you will still be affected.


Smoke particles can build up on clothes and surfaces and may also negatively affect the health of those around you. Studies have also shown that the children of smokers are far more likely to become heavy smokers themselves.

If you are still smoking at home, smoking outside can have a positive impact on your family and can reduce some of the effects listed above. However, quitting tobacco is the best way to ensure that your family has the best chance to live happy, healthy lives.

Smoking anywhere in the home allows all of the toxic chemicals from cigarette smoke to enter every room in the house as it works its way under doors, through cracks, and via ventilation shafts.


There is a three-tier system to making your house safe from SHS:-

Gold Standard – Make every room in the house smoke free. Smoking is only permitted outside the house (at least 7 paces away from the door).

Silver Standard – Smoking is allowed in one room of the house.

Bronze Standard – One room in the house is kept smoke free.


If the gold standard seems hard to achieve why not start at the bronze level and work your way up through the stages over a few weeks? The stop smoking team would be happy to give you some tips to achieve this, just give us a call.