Having a relapse is when you start smoking again after you have quit.

There are four main reasons for relapsing back to smoking:


Cravings can come out of nowhere, and sometimes they are triggered. They can come up at any time, for no reason at all.


Certain circumstances can lead to you thinking about smoking. It's quite normal to feel the urge if something bad happens, or at times of stress.


Thoughts such as 'I wonder what it would be like if I just had one...'


or thoughts like 'It's been ages since I smoked so I can have one without it getting to me'

It is normal to feel the odd craving as the last bits of the addiction are leaving you. Getting over these occasional urges to smoke are key to staying smokefree, as even a single puff can get you back into the habit.

If you feel tempted at any point after you have stopped somoking remember to use the techniques you used when you started to quit:


  • Remind yourself – ‘Not a single puff’
  • Have some NRT or use an e-cig

(try to keep some on you or go to your local pharmacy or supermarket)

  • Say to yourself – ‘I am a non-smoker!’
  • Escape – Leave the place that is making you feel uncomfortable
  • Stay positive and remember that the urge will pass after a couple of minutes!
  • Call us for a bit of extra support on 0800 0820 388