I have been smoking since the early 60’s when to be seen with a cigarette, and a glass of “Baby-Cham” would be sophistication and with the in crowd. It became a sophisticated habit then, not realising, that we were signing/smoking ourselves to an early grave, because we weren’t aware of its dangers. Every film, advert, magazine, carried beautiful people enjoying a cigarette. You were “hip” if you smoked. Since that time we have become more aware of the dangers of ciggies, more educated, and the awareness of what the poison does to our lungs and overall health. Though I have never been a twenty–a-day smoker, I have indulged in more than I wanted to, especially when socialising with friends. I have tried on numerous occasions to give up the weed, but failed. I heard about the Non-Smoking Service, at the Waldron Health Centre, and decided to give it a go. Since meeting Elaine and Tracey they have made me realise that giving up, isn’t so daunting and difficult, and under their guidance, I have not smoked for about six weeks, and hopefully 6 wks will become 6 years.

Sincere thanks to The Team who are Elaine & Tracey.