When we are addicted it is so hard to give up!  I tried once and I was 6 months without smoking. If only I didn’t smoke that cigarette…you know, in my country we don’t have this kind of help form the NHS or from any other department. So 2 years ago when I went to my GP in Portugal and I said to him please help me stop smoking, he said that the easiest way was to throw away the cigarettes because the other way was too expensive, I was very sad. Yes it’s true, because I really wanted to quit, but I couldn’t do it without help.  So when Josephine came to me in Lewisham Library asking if I wanted to stop smoking, without thinking I said “Yes”!!!

And now 3 months after I say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Shola the help she gave me and God Bless you all!!

I will not say never, but every day it will be a new day.