This has been an interesting journey especially me being a skeptic.  I have always believed that for me, whatever you want to do you don’t need other people to do it with.  How wrong I was.  The support from the group has been helpful.  It is like feeling that your responsibility is not only to yourself but also to the group.  I guess I have been trying to kick the habit for the last 35 years, perhaps even more.  Well this is the first time that I have gone without a single cigarette since February.

For me I can even sit next to smokers and don’t even feel that I want a cigarette. Yet I don’t feel anyway self-righteous especially when dealing with smokers because I know for me just how difficult it has been in the past, so what I want to say to you, if you are thinking about giving up, don’t beat yourself up, if you transgress, just pick yourself up and try again.

If you keep on trying success will come along even sometime to surprise you.